The Tasman Access Cable explained

Internet cable routes (Newshub.)
Internet cable routes (Newshub.)

In New Zealand - some would say we're a bunch of nerds.

Just under 4 million Kiwis are connected to the internet on their mobile phones. That's 86 active connections for every 100 people.

So if you're a gamer, geek, or just like surfing the net, there's some good news. New Zealand's about to get access to the Tasman Global Access cable.

It's a long cable stretching from Narrabeen beach in northern Sydney to Raglan in Waikato.

It aims to improve our broadband connection by tapping into Australia's international system.

Currently, Australia and the US are the only connections between New Zealand and the rest of the world.

Considering both Spark and Vodafone's internet requirements are growing by 60 percent each year, it's pretty important.

It's a pretty complicated, and incredibly expensive, process to complete.

The vessel Ile de Ree is charged with laying the second half of the cable from the middle of the Tasman Sea to Raglan.

A plough on the boat is tasked with laying the cable as much as 1.5km below the surface, and then a robot takes over.

The cable itself isn't actually that big - it's about as wide as a $2 coin.

The price tag sits at more than $100 million and it's being funded by Vodafone, Spark and Telstra.

For such a big project, it's not that far from completion, with the aim to be ready for service by the beginning of next year.