Train collides with car in Morningside, Auckland

  • 06/10/2016
The scene of the crash at Morningside (Supplied)
The scene of the crash at Morningside (Supplied)

A woman is seriously injured after a train has crashed into a car in the Auckland suburb of Morningside on Thursday afternoon.

Witness Jess Angove was just around the corner from the scene when she heard the train horn go off and heard a crash. 

Despite other witnesses saying the woman in the car had died, Ms Angove checked and found the woman was still alive.

She says she helped stabilise the woman until emergency services arrived.

"I held her head and talked to her until the paramedics arrived. She wasn't bleeding; she was unconscious… a lot of glass everywhere and possibly a couple of breaks."

Ms Angove says the car was damaged, but as the train had been slowing down it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

The woman was the only one in the car. Emergency services have taken her to Auckland Hospital in a serious condition.

Police say early information from the scene shows the barrier arm was down and lights were flashing when the vehicle drove over the railway crossing.

Murray Stewart was on the train heading west, and says it was slowing down coming into the station.

"I didn't even feel a bump, just heard a noise, and then the train horn sounding as we came in," he says.

"We hit the brakes pretty hard and didn't even feel anything, we heard a 'graunching' sound and looked out the window and there's a car wedged between the train and the fence to the side."

Morningside Drive is closed, with no entry from St Lukes Rd or New North Rd, police say.

Trains are currently cancelled on the Western line and buses are operating between Britomart and Kingsland instead. 

Train collides with car in Morningside, Auckland