Vicki Letele parole application denied

Vicki Letele (supplied)
Vicki Letele (supplied)

Lying in a hospital bed with a prison guard just metres away - that's how Vicki Letele is destined to spend her final days.

In March this year, the former mortgage broker was convicted of fraud after using forged documents to allow low-income families to obtain home loans.

Six months into her three-year sentence she became violently ill.

"It was black, black vomit every night," said Vicki's mother, Tui Letele.

Vicki was eventually diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer, and given just six months to live.

In April next year she'll be eligible for parole, but there's every chance she won't make it that long.

"I want to be the one that gives her her medicine; I want to be the one who makes sure she's clean. So I can help clean her," said her mother.

"She's really been given a life sentence here," said Vicki's dad, David Letele.

Her family wants her parole hearing bought forward on compassionate grounds, and claim the jail isn't equipped to properly treat her. Their application has been denied.

The Parole Board chairperson said he was not able to conclude her terminal illness met the exceptional circumstance test, and that the time will inevitably come when her condition will deteriorate and then release will be appropriate.

One of the sticking points in this case is the Parole Board's definition of the term "imminent death". It says it's when death is expected between three and five days.

It's told Vicki if and when she gets sicker, it will reassess her situation.

"It's almost pointless when you see someone who's as sick as Vicki and the time that we're given, and we're just asking for quality time with her," said her family.

The family has vowed to continue fighting and has now hired a human rights lawyer.