Warriena Wright didn't have strangulation injuries - pathologist

Gable Tostee (Supplied)
Gable Tostee (Supplied)

A pathologist has told the jury in the murder trial of Gable Tostee she didn't find injuries on Warriena Wright's body that were consistent with strangulation. 

The last prosecution witness is giving evidence in the case of Tostee who's accused of murdering Ms Wright in August 2014.

The 26-year-old met Tostee on Tinder and hours later plunged 14 storeys to her death.

The pathologist told the jury Ms Wright suffered severe head injuries, and said poorly defined red marks were found on her neck but that was due to the way her body was positioned, not due to an injury. 

"When I examined the neck internally, I couldn't find any injury to the muscles or structure beneath the skin on the neck," Dianne Little told the court.

The prosecution alleges Tostee strangled Ms Wright just before he forced her out onto the balcony and she tried to escape.

But the defence argues that didn't happen and there is no case for murder or manslaughter because the evidence falls short of proving Tostee intended to cause injury or put Ms Wright's life in peril. The defence is likely to open its case tomorrow.

The court released Tinder and text messages the pair sent each other.

Tostee told her, "You look delicious, I want to do dirty things to you."

Ms Wright replied, "That usually work?"

Tostee said, "Can you be a freak in the sheets Cletes?"

Ms Wright replied, "Lol probably not. Depends."

Tostee messaged back, "What does it depend on?"

Ms Wright - "What I've had to drink! Lol." 

Tostee replied "Let's get drunk together, I'm a pornstar after a few drinks!"

Text messages showed Ms Wright said, "Plz don't be an old creepy pervy dude."

Tostee replied, "I'll try :p".