Young baker takes a shot at Valerie Adam's birthday cake

The birthday girl says it's a 'masterpiece' (Niu Cakery / Facebook)
The birthday girl says it's a 'masterpiece' (Niu Cakery / Facebook)

New Zealand's young cake-making maestro has had a shot at making a birthday cake for Valerie Adams, and the Kiwi Olympic legend says it's "a masterpiece".

Niuafe Junior Malupo, the 23-year-old baker and owner of Niu Cakery, was asked to make a birthday cake for Ms Adams, and he says his mum was even more excited about it than he was.

"Yes it's hard trying to come up with something that'll reflect Valerie, aka the Queen @ Shot put, and keeping it within my style," he wrote on Instagram.

"So we decided to have a shot put ball "smashing" into the cake and exploding gold leaf, diamonds and caramel popcorn everywhere!"

On Twitter, birthday girl Valerie posted pics of the delicious creation, saying: My bday cake was a master piece #bdayweek #cakeday #loveit."

Mr Malupo says he loves to experiment with baking - a skill he learnt in the kitchen growing up.

"Mum used to bake all the time and I used to watch her do everything. And coming from a family of five brothers I was the one that watched Mum bake, and it turned into a passion."

The shot (ball) itself was made be Mr Malupo's cake-decorating colleague Miss Bonbon. It's made of fondant - a type of icing - brushed with edible metallic dust. 

His Instagram pic has more than 1200 likes since he shared it on Thursday.