12yo Trump impersonator with a vegetarian twist

12yo Trump impersonator with a vegetarian twist

While most 12-year-olds are thinking about video games or girls, Liam Adrian has a slightly different focus.

When the school bell rings, Liam steps into an alternate version of one of the most-talked-about men in the world right now.

"Ronald Grump and the Demo-Carrot Vege Party" is what happens when you take the bizarre world of US politics and turn one of the protagonists into a carrot.

The young man's alternate persona has gained traction in Palmerston North and was supposed to be Liam's entry into the Vegetarian Film Competition.

But he missed the competition deadline. So he put it on YouTube instead.

Getting into the role of Ronald Grump required research and plenty of news- and campaign-watching and admits he almost passed out watching them, but he had a lot of tea to keep him going.

"It just blows my mind how Donald has got that far and how America is stuck with two pretty bad candidates," he says.

Liam shot and edited the entire film himself and his family can vouch for his hard work, but his ambitions aren't political.

"I've got three things - actor, director and detective - because I love reading mystery books. It's one of my big passions."

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