Age Concern urges elder care after earthquake

An elderly man (file)
An elderly man (file)

Age Concern is urging communities to keep an eye out for their elderly in the aftermath of another devastating earthquake.

Thousands of homes have suffered damage across the country, and many who live alone may feel isolated or need help as people count the cost of the damage.

Age Concern Canterbury CEO Simon Templeton warns older people might not be faring so well, and some may be having trouble getting medication after the magnitude 7.5 quake.

"We know living through the Christchurch earthquake and we talked to older people, the fact of being alone and having the house shaking and with it being in the dark at night, it was incredibly frightening," he says.

Mr Templeton says a simple hello over the fence should be on everyone's mind.

"Just do it. A friendly face is always going to be welcome, just knock on people's doors and ask if they're alright. Might just be that they need to have a cup of tea."