Armed police at Rotorua's Sunset Primary School

Sunset Primary School in Rotorua (Google)
Sunset Primary School in Rotorua (Google)

Police say an incident that caused the lockdown of a primary school and the securing of a daycare centre in Rotorua has been resolved.

Two people have been spoken in relation to the incident.

The lockdown was put in place after police received reports of a person holding a firearm on Sunset Rd in Mangakakahi.

"One individual was found to be transporting a BB gun in a manner that understandably caused alarm and prompted a 111 phone call," a police spokesperson said.

Officers combed Sunset Primary School's grounds while a nearby daycare centre was secured.

While the incident ended up being nothing of any real concern, police stress that the member of the public "did the right thing" by contacting them, and thanked them for their response.

Police have now given the person holding the BB gun advice on how they should transport such items, with particular emphasis on "not pointing BB guns in urban areas".

At nearby Rotorua Boys' High School, seniors continued to sit their NCEA exams throughout the ordeal.

A local dairy owner says he noticed police and dog handlers patrolling the street early Thursday morning.

Police say the BB gun was not fired at any point.