Billionaire's superyacht Senses returns to New Zealand

The superyacht Senses (Superyachts in Auckland/Facebook)
The superyacht Senses (Superyachts in Auckland/Facebook)

Auckland may be the City of Sails, but there's one vessel to rule them all.

Google billionaire Larry Page's superyacht Senses has returned to Auckland - and it's stunning onlookers.

The 59m nautical giant was built in Germany in 1999, and is believed to be undergoing engineering work while in New Zealand.

Before Mr Page owned the yacht, it belonged to Kiwi businessman Sir Douglas Myers.

The website states Senses has accommodation for 12 guests - along with a jacuzzi, gymnasium, sauna, steam room and helipad.

Toys for the guests include two three-man Yamaha wave runners, another pair of stand-up Yamaha single-man wave runners, dive gear, water skis, and three kayaks - along with a 12m Nelson enclosed launch and numerous other smaller boats.