Blackcaps captain Kane Williamson's new cricket guidebook

Blackcaps captain Kane Williamson's new cricket guidebook

Kane Williamson is one of the best batsmen in the world and now he's written a book about how it's done.

It's a guide to batting, bowling, fielding, captaincy and simply titled: Cricket with Kane Williamson. It has everything an aspiring player needs to know.

He hit his first century at age 10 and met his long-time coach and mentor David Johnston not long after. Batting is something that has always come naturally for the Blackcaps captain.

"My first memory of playing would be in the backyard with dad and I think I was forcing him to give me throws as soon as he came home from work every day."

His mentor and coach could not be prouder of his prodigy and says there's no pretence about Williamson and he's a genuinely "good guy".

"There wouldn't be a player in the world of cricket who would have a bad word to say about him, he's a lovely man," says Johnston.

Williamson started playing for New Zealand six years ago and he inched up one spot to second in the ICC batting rankings just months later.

It's fair to say he has had a rough start to his career as Blackcaps test captain but he showed form in his side's first test victory in Christchurch which proved him to be one of the world's best.

So what makes the batsman so good and the answer to his success? Story went to find out.

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