Dutch King and Queen get close to Kiwi culture in Christchurch


The Dutch King and Queen have completed the second day of their royal tour in Christchurch.

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima spent the day experiencing some Kiwi culture in Christchurch, including meeting our national bird at Willowbank Zoo and travelling on the Christchurch tram.

The royals offered a taste of their culture in return, with a group of Dutch cycling experts they brought on the trip offering advice to help make New Zealand more "bike-friendly".

Bikes in the Netherlands are a little bit like sheep in New Zealand - there are more of them than people.

But despite the Netherlands having such a strong exercise culture, the sports-mad King said he was disappointed the Netherlands only managed one more medal than us at the Olympics - even with four times New Zealand's population.

On Wednesday the royals will attend a trade fair in Auckland, where they hope to boost economic ties between countries.


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