Fate of cows stranded on quake island remains a mystery

  • 15/11/2016
Fate of cows stranded on quake island remains a mystery

Federated Farmers is trying to find three cows left stranded on quake island near Kaikoura, after a destructive magnitude-7.5 earthquake sent tremors throughout New Zealand on Monday.

The co-operative told Newshub it is carrying out mapping in an effort to find out where they are and whether a rescue effort will be carried out.

Footage captured by Newshub cameraman Chris Jones from a helicopter above a farm near quake-hit Kaikoura caused a mad rush to find out what has happened to the cattle, who were trapped on a tiny piece of unshaken land.

The video showed the trio of cattle as they stood, unmoving, on a patch of land only about six square metres-large.

The video garnered international attention and also sparked major concerns about their safety, and just what exactly was going to happen to them.

Newshub is actively attempting to work out what's happened to the cows, and will revisit the spot to see if they are still there today.

A number of cows were left stranded by landslides on the coast north of Kaikoura following yesterday's shake.