Hollie Smith’s new song to help domestic violence victims

Hollie Smith’s new song to help domestic violence victims

By the end of the half-hour duration of Story, police will have been called to at least one domestic violence incident.

On average, police record a family violence investigation every five-and-a-half minutes. The statistics are shameful and appalling with one in three women experiencing an abusive relationship with many more coming dangerously close.

Now, one of our top singers, Hollie Smith, has written and recorded a song to help those affected by domestic violence. It's written for those abused, beaten and manipulated by their partners and it hopes to inspire and give them strength and support.

Mark Longley believes people are waking up to the fact that family violence does exist.

"The figures are pretty appalling, there is change now and people want to do something about it which is great. That's the first hurdle."

Mr Longley's daughter Emily was murdered by her boyfriend five years ago.

He had no idea of the scale of NZ's domestic abuse and family violence problem back then and now he's trying to make a difference as a White Ribbon ambassador.

"I will stand up and speak out to prevent men's violence towards women," says Mr Longley who encourages abusive men to get help.

Ms Smith drew on her personal experience of helping a friend out of an abusive relationship to write this song and says it was a reality check.

She helped her friend write an action plan and got out. She hopes her song will now help other victims.

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