Kaikoura earthquake: 82yo's 'heartwrenching' loss

  • 24/11/2016
The aftermath of the Kaikoura earthquake (file)
The aftermath of the Kaikoura earthquake (file)

An 82-year-old Kaikoura quake survivor says the loss of his house during the earthquake is "heartwrenching".

Alistair Campbell and his wife lost their home due to the violent shaking. He spoke RadioLIVE's Duncan Garner about what happened.

"It's midnight and we're lying in bed when all of a sudden you're rudely awakened by the house rocking and shaking. Hell of a noise," he says.

The 90-second quake destroyed his 16-year-old house.

"We've been red-stickered," he says. "The house's foundations have given way. So it's f***ed."

The loss has hit Mr Campbell hard. He and his wife now have to decide whether to rebuild on their lifestyle block.

"It's a bit disappointing, when you work all your life for something and you see it all wrecked. I couldn't estimate how long it's going to take to get things right," he says.

"I am pissed off. You work all your life for something and when all of a sudden it's destroyed it's a bit heartwrenching."

However, after escaping with his and his partner's lives, Mr Campbell is determined to remain an optimist.

"We'll get over it," he says. "We'll survive."


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