NZ earthquake: Kaikoura in 'recovery mode'

  • 18/11/2016
Naval ships are unloading by helicopter in Kaikoura this morning (Newshub)
Naval ships are unloading by helicopter in Kaikoura this morning (Newshub)

Kaikoura is now officially in its "recovery phase", Civil Defence has declared. 

The naval ship HMNZS Canterbury, which was used for mass evacuations on Wednesday, has now returned with supplies for residents stuck in the quake-struck town. 

It has begun unloading by helicopter at the local high school, with fuel, power generators and a chemical toilet for every household. 

NZ earthquake: Kaikoura in 'recovery mode'

The HMNZS Canterbury helicopter unloading in Kaikoura (Newshub)

NZ earthquake: Kaikoura in 'recovery mode'

Supplies being offloaded for residents this morning (Newshub)

An international flotilla has also arrived, with ships from Australia, Canada and the US offering helicopters to help bring personnel and supplies in from the ships.

HMNZS Canterbury Lieutenant Commander Christian Robertson said that the fine weather this morning had been crucial in bringing in supplies. Flights will be operating all day "as long as the sun is shining and the weather's good". 

He said it was coordinating the relief effort was "incredibly difficult", as they had national, international and civilian helicopters coming in from around the country. 

Lt. Robertson said the most important thing for them was showing the public that they were there to get supplies in "and really help out the area". 

Local Te Amo Solomon is going to be flown out of Kaikoura today. She said felt like she was living in a "death trap", and was relieved to be leaving. 

"I just need a break, I'm so tired." 

Canterbury Civil Defence have released a pamphlet for locals remaining in the community, offering advice and information after a "tough week".  They've said crews attempting to excavate the Inland Kaikoura Road have faced setbacks from landslides overnight, delaying access for the fleet of Defence Force vehicles attempting to get through. The Inland road is now expected to open next week. 

Civil Defence said in their pamphlet for the community that "realistically it will be weeks, if not months" before State Highway 1 reopens. 

NZ earthquake: Kaikoura in 'recovery mode'

One of the landslides on SH1 (Newshub)

Civil Defence has also identified a potential landslide on Scarborough St that may put people at risk. People from 174 to 186 Torquay St, which runs parallel to Scarborough St, are being evacuated by Red Cross staff. 

The evacuees are being offered alternative safe accommodation.

Thursday's evacuation notice has been lifted for Hapuku, but the dam is still there and being monitored.

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Civil Defence is still warning people to stay away from all rivers, due to potential sudden rising water levels. 


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