Kaipara Harbour tragedy: Memorial in pipeline for victims

The Francie
The Francie

A search has resumed on Monday morning for the last person involved in Kaipara's boating tragedy.

Eleven people were onboard the charter vessel the Francie when it flipped crossing the Kaipara Bar on Saturday.

Three were rescued, seven bodies have been recovered and one man is still missing, presumed dead.

"This is a particularly large maritime disaster and has affected a large number of people. I think it's one of the worst maritime disasters in New Zealand's history," Rodney councillor Greg Sayers said.

"I would suspect [a memorial] is very much on the cards and likely to happen. But it's just so early and everything's so raw at the moment, those conversations and those thoughts haven't percolated yet."

"First and foremost, the district's thoughts are with the families of those who have lost family members in such a tragic circumstance," Cr Sayers said.

The Kaipara Bar is well-known in the local community for being treacherous and unpredictable.

The Pacific Island community is in shock following the tragedy.

Ten of the people aboard the Francie when it capsized were of Pacific Island decent, with seven of the victims from the Tongan, Cook Islands and Samoan communities in the wider Auckland area.

Victim support is now working with their families.