Lotto: What a $44 million Powerball win can buy

  • 11/11/2016
The Ferrari F40 (Continental Cars Ferrari/TradeMe)
The Ferrari F40 (Continental Cars Ferrari/TradeMe)

A young couple with children who had just been turned down for a mortgage to buy their first home has won the $44 million Lotto Powerball draw.

The couple, from Auckland's Hibiscus Coast, want to remain anonymous but said in a statement released by Lotto the win is going to change their lives "epically".

"We want to be really smart about how we manage this money, so we're going to take our time. We just can't believe how lucky we are," the winner's wife said.

"All we know at the moment is that we're going to give the kids a really great Christmas this year."

But just in case the couple decide to splurge, Newshub has come up with some ideas off Trade Me. 

Lotto: What a $44 million Powerball win can buy

For sale on TradeMe for $1,595,000, the 1989 Ferrari F40 will set hearts racing with its styling - and 471hp engine.

"Developed to regain Ferraris dominance in Formula 1 racing, it was the last car Enzo Ferrari would ever personally commission and was considered to be the world's fastest street legal production car from 1987 to 1989," Continental Cars Ferrari says.

"Highly sought after, the F40 model is on the wanted list of many a car collector worldwide. Due to both the limited production and age of these sports cars, finding one for sale is extremely rare."

Lotto: What a $44 million Powerball win can buy

Nothing says wealthy like your own private island. And there's one for sale in the Hauraki Gulf for a mere $40,000,000.

"Pakatoa Island located in the beautiful Hauraki Gulf, approx 40km from downtown Auckland. The jewel in the crown of the Hauraki Gulf, resort potential or fabulous private retreat," says Harcourts.

"This 24ha with three white sandy beaches is awaiting a new owner. This island has operated as a popular holiday resort with 62 units, staff quarters, squash courts and golf course."

Lotto: What a $44 million Powerball win can buy

With $44 million in the piggybank, it's time to start an art collection. And if you fancy yourself an art connoisseur, this painting could be the one to begin with: the great wolfs head of sky.

"The great wolf of sky a pre train station 96 nice portrate of wolfy 52 cm x 62cm oil on board [sic]," says sparrow67.

Wow. And a real bargain for $25,000,000.

Lotto: What a $44 million Powerball win can buy

Enjoy summer on the yacht with this 35m-long beauty.

"With a large private top deck including spa, wet bar and BBQ area which ensures alfresco dinning and entertaining is exceptional," says TradeMe seller alistair-hool.

"This all encompassing luxury has room for 12 guests in 5 staterooms. The master stateroom has a king size bed and TV with electric lift. As well as a large ensuite bathroom, services all needs with an adjoining dressing room and walk in wardrobe. All cabins have their own ensuite, finished with marble and silk wall panels."

Lotto: What a $44 million Powerball win can buy

While you're waiting for the kids to grow old enough to drive the F40, it's best to get them started racing early. And the way to do that? The Hexatech Race Car Simulator.

"Cruden driver-in-the-loop simulators offer the most realistic and accurate solution by interfacing a virtual model of the vehicle and its environment to a real driver. this enables engineers to test and adjust suspension, chassis, power train and tyre parameters - or compare and develop drivers - before the car even turns a wheel," sells seller rolly45.

"Has been known to make drivers sick it is so realistic!"