Man wrongly convicted of rape receives second pay out

Aaron Farmer being told his legal fees would be paid out (Newshub.)
Aaron Farmer being told his legal fees would be paid out (Newshub.)

A man who was forced to pay for his own legal aid after being wrongly accused of rape has been repaid his legal fees by the Ministry of Justice.

Last month TV3's The Nation featured Aaron Farmer, a man wrongfully imprisoned for two years for a rape he didn't commit.              

DNA testing saw his conviction quashed in 2008. He received a $350,000 pay out but it came with a catch.

Aaron had to pay back thousands in legal aid he received to secure his own compensation.

"I tried to get out of paying legal costs. My lawyer disputed it for a few months and apparently lost," Aaron Fisher said.

The Nation challenged the government on whether that was fair, but this week it received the news that a second payout would be awarded.

When Mr Fisher was asked if he thought the Ministry of Justice had decided to pay him back, he said: "Oh that would be nice, I could do with the money,"

Aaron's mum Bev fought tirelessly for his release, when she heard the news, she was cautious at first.

But then she was shown the letter confirming the government's payment for Aaron's court costs.

"In the amount of $5941.85.  That's unreal, that's amazing," she said.

It's no lotto jackpot but when you live with mental issues including Aspergers and you were wrongly locked up for 912 days, you're grateful for any money that might make the rest of your days a little bit easier.

Newshub asked Mr Farmer if that was a significant amount.

"No no, that is a very large amount for Aaron because he is on the invalids benefit and that is not that big each month," his mum answered.

Aaron plans to spend the money on painting the house and there might even be a little left over to buy something for his mum.

To go with the other president he paid out of his compensation, a scooter for his mum.

A reminder that even those who have everything taken away from them can still be moved to give something back.