NZ's biggest fireworks display highlights

NZ's biggest fireworks display highlights

Wellington City Council put on the largest fireworks display in the country on Saturday night in an impressive show at the capital's harbour.

The council estimates up to 200,000 people were watching its annual fireworks display from across the waterfront and the city.

Around 2500kgs of fireworks were blasted into the sky for ten minutes, with the weather calm and clear for the occasion.

Over 20 tonnes of pyrotechnic equipment helped things to run smoothly on the night, including mortars, racks, pontoons and 10 tonnes of sand.

The crowd erupted into applause at the end of the show and a spokesperson for Wellington City Council said it was a "spectacular event" as it always is.

"I consider pyrotechnics an art form. It is a total designed performance from sight to sound, it speaks volumes with no age limit and to all cultures," said Robert McDermott, the pyrothechnic designer behind the display.