People's Party threatens legal action over exclusion from Mt Roskill debate

Roshan Nauhria (Newshub.)
Roshan Nauhria (Newshub.)

The newly formed People's Party is considering taking legal action because it's been excluded from a Mt Roskill by-election debate on Wednesday night.

It's being hosted by the Central Leader, which has only invited the candidates from National and Labour. 

People's Party leader Roshan Nauhria says he's not being petty; he just wants a fair go.

"We were trying to talk to them and convince them that you need to give us equal opportunity," he says.

It's a similar move to that of former Conservative Party leader Colin Craig, who successfully took TV3's The Nation to court for being left out of a minor party debate in 2014.

"It's very disappointing," says Mr Nauhria. "I think unless we are given equal opportunity - it's a democracy. What happens if I win the election? Are you going to say to the people, 'Sorry we made a mistake?'"

Fairfax Media brand and communications manager Phillipa Cameron told Newshub that "Fairfax is comfortable that the Central Leader will provide appropriate coverage of parties involved in the Mt Roskill by-election".

"This particular event is a one-off live stream involving the two major political parties, which is typical of a debate style event," she said.