Powerball: Likely more than 2 million in to win


Millionaires will be made tonight as Lotto's Powerball draw offers a whopping $44 million - and it must go.

Lotto spokeswoman Emilia Mazur says they are expecting over 2 million tickets sold ahead of Wednesday night's draw, about three times more than a regular jackpot.

Ms Mazur says ticket sales always surge on the day of the draw.

Second division winners could be in for a "significantly larger prize" if no one takes home the bountiful Powerball prize. Ms Mazur says as this is a must-go draw, the prize money will trickle down.

Earlier this year, three second division winners took home $13 million each after no one bagged the first division prize of $40 million.

Ms Mazur says winners are often "quite shell-shocked" when they call Lotto, and struggle to believe they've won.

She says winners often keep their tickets in unusual places - ziplock bags and bras included.

Prize money only takes one day to process, so lucky punters could find themselves millionaires by Friday.