Remote Claverley community cut off after quake

Remote Claverley community cut off after quake

Water and power are still out for much of the remote coastal community of Claverley, south of Kaikoura.

Newshub has spent the day talking to the locals, who are literally cut off from the rest of the world.

Andrew Prentice has lived at his house on the cliff top of Claverly for 50 years. His front lawn sank and crumbled down the hill when the quake started rocking.

"It was all our lawn," he says. "We got out of our bedroom and got out on the lawn. We really could not stand up."

The force of the jolt cut a path through the pool, and straight through the front door. The property has been shunted forward - no longer considered safe.

"It's all sunk away. The house has collapsed. We had just renovated the house."

Down the road there are similar tales of loss. Fortunately Katie and Tim Wilding were not home when their house started shaking.

"It was quite difficult driving back from Christchurch and wondering what we were going to be up against, or walking into our house, but we are all safe," says Ms Wilding.

"It's your worst nightmare," says Mr Wilding. "Everything is broken."

They've lost a lot, but the community is just grateful that at least they have each other.