Rotorua kebab shop ordered to pay $70k

  • 30/11/2016
A Turkish immigrant was forced to work 13 hours a day, six days a week (Getty/file)
A Turkish immigrant was forced to work 13 hours a day, six days a week (Getty/file)

A kebab shop in Rotorua has been ordered to pay more than $70,000 by the employment court for breaching a worker's rights.

Just Kebab Limited failed to pay its former employee, Mr Yusuf Corten minimum wages, holiday pay, holiday pay for alternative days in lieu and annual holiday pay upon termination of his employment.

Mr Corten will receive $33,661 in arrears, as the Employment Relations Authority (ERA) found his employer in breach of its obligations under the Minimum Wage Act 1983, the Holidays Act 2003 and the Employment Relations Act 2000.

Just Kebabs must also pay a $40,000 penalty for its failure to pay minimum wage, holiday pay, or keep accurate employment records.

Mr Corten, an immigrant from Turkey, worked at Just Kebabs from 9 February 2013 to late September 2013.

A Labour Inspectorate investigation found that he worked 13 hours a day, six days a week, and was often in sole charge of the shop.

This decision comes after the Employment Court imposed $100,000 penalties against two South Island liquor store and dairy owners, who were found to have committed serious breaches of employment law by the Labour Inspectorate.

"The Labour Inspectorate will not tolerate employers who fail to provide their employees with their minimum employment entitlements such as minimum wage or holiday pay," says Labour Inspectorate General Manager George Mason.

"It is not acceptable for workers to come to New Zealand to seek a better life, and then be under paid, over worked, and deprived of their most basic rights as employees in this country. The Labour Inspectorate takes breaches of employment standards very seriously."