Singer who suffered paralysing stroke sings again

Singer who suffered paralysing stroke sings again

For Margaret Ryan, singing was everything. She was gifted and she sang with the greats, like Shirley Bassey and Cleo Laine.

But a massive stroke 12 years ago left Ms Ryan paralysed on her right side and unable to talk, let alone sing.

She was robbed of her voice overnight and she was both devastated and frustrated.

Then six years ago she saw an advertisement for the launch of a new special choir, The Brainwave Singers, started by a speech and language therapist, Robin Matthews.

The choir was for those who had neurological conditions, and voice exercises are done to work on their vocal chords.

"There's evidence that can suggest singing can improve communication in someone that has had a stroke because it is a right hemisphere activity," says Mr Matthews.

But something of a miracle followed, and Ms Ryan is not only singing with the choir now but leading the choir.

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