SPCA renews calls for firework ban

SPCA renews calls for firework ban

SPCA New Zealand is renewing calls to ban Guy Fawkes with the launch of a survey asking for pet owners to share their animals' experiences with fireworks.

Created in conjunction with the NZ Companion Animal Council, the survey asks whether people's animals are frightened by fireworks, and how the animals react.

SPCA chief scientific officer Dr Arnja Dale told the NZ Herald the survey had already received 1500 responses, with almost 90 percent supporting a ban of fireworks sales to the public.

Dr Dale said the SPCA supports public fireworks displays, but that New Zealand lags behind other countries in regards to the private sale of fireworks.

Australia has banned the sale of fireworks to the public in every state except the Northern Territory and Tasmania.

The SPCA, NZ Fire Service and police backed a Change.org petition in 2015 that called for a ban on public sales, but its demands were not met by Parliament, despite attracting more than 32,000 signatures.

Saturday is the last day for members of the public to buy fireworks this year.