Supplies flooding into devastated Waiau

Residents helping out (Newshub.)
Residents helping out (Newshub.)

Power and water has finally been restored for Waiau, one of the towns closest to the epicentre of Monday's big quake.

Much-needed supplies have been flooding into the quake-damaged township.

In the wet and cold, help is coming in from all over Canterbury. There's trailer loads of supplies arriving from as far as Sumner and Banks Peninsula, then reloaded in the rain to be delivered to nearby farmers.

Just a few blocks over, the force of the quake is hard to miss at Pete Robert's house - it's been knocked completely off its foundations.

Ironically dubbed "Quake Away Cottage", it was Mr Robert's sanctuary away from Christchurch where he lived in 2011.

It's now yellow-stickered - he's now packing up, unlikely to return. For now, he's settling into his brother's caravan.

It's in one of the worst-hit areas of the township. Just across the road there's two more houses that are badly damaged.

But they're not the only one. The century-old pub and church have been fenced off, now likely to face demolition.