Tribal Huk leader Jamie Pink tight-lipped over 'losing an eyeball'

Tribal Huk leader Jamie Pink tight-lipped over 'losing an eyeball'

The leader of a gang who says he lost his eye in an effort to rid Ngaruawahia of P is keeping quiet over details of the alleged incident.

Jamie Pink, head of the Waikato town's Tribal Huk gang, drove his Ford Explorer into the Waikato Times' carpark on Monday morning. It was riddled with bullet holes and covered in blood stains - the result of a confrontation on a rural back road at the weekend.

Mr Pink, wearing an eye patch, told the paper the gang's effort to drive meth dealers out of town was complete.

But speaking with Duncan Garner on RadioLIVE on Tuesday, Mr Pink wouldn't give a straight answer as to how he lost his eye - a claim that may or may not be true.

Mr Pink joked that a group of old ladies with road rage had shot at him with a big machine gun and chased him off the road.

"I try and give them a big roll of money and I tried to fix it. I said look, 'I'll give you $500 or $100.' One of them opened the back up and pulled out a big f**king machine gun.

"It went right through my car, whatever it was."

Mr Pink claims he's helped run at least 14 P dealers out of town after issuing a warning they'd use force if the dealers stayed.

But he told Mr Garner it's hard to keep them out of town for good.

"I think that's impossible to say, because I could say to you they're all gone, and some little f**king fairy jumps out of a car right in the middle of town and sells a bag - then I'm a liar.

"So it's never, ever out of there. But I'll tell you what, they'll be crawling around under a road or a f**king rock."

He wasn't clear as to whether the dealers left voluntarily or force was used.

"They all went one way or the other," he said.

"Hopefully they went to the f**king Philippines. That would have been the best place for them."

Mr Pink says his gang is talking with community members such as property owners and doctors to keep the drug out of town.

"It's easy to smash it out, but it has to be maintained, and that's where we come in."

Police have confirmed to Newshub they are now in possession of Mr Pink's vehicle.


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