Trio of Picasso pieces on show in Christchurch

Gow Langsford Gallery have brought a pop-up exhibition to Christchurch (John Gow)
Gow Langsford Gallery have brought a pop-up exhibition to Christchurch (John Gow)

An Auckland art gallery has brought a pop-up exhibition down to Christchurch worth nearly $4 million including works by Pablo Picasso.

Gow Langford Gallery's Director John Gow says they've brought down a variety of artworks.

"What we've brought down is a broad cross section of our practice in Auckland," he says.

"Some of the household names and the people like Dick Frizzell, Paul Dibble, Max Gimblett and Gregor Kregar. There's a big cross section of New Zealand artists that we represent."

Mr Gow added that the pop-up will also represent International artists.

"We've got works by Australian artist Dale Frank, we've got work by Britain's Damien Hurst [and] we've got three liner cut works by Picasso, which is quite special."

One of the most expensive pieces of art on show in the gallery is a Gordan Walters piece called 'Otautahi', which is on sale for $675,000 - and Mr Gow says it's special to Christchurch.

"This is signifigant for Christchurch simply because 'Otautahi' was the name given to Christchurch by one of the first settlers to occupy that land," he says.

"We've been selling to Christchurch people, they've come up to Auckland - so we felt that it was appropriate we brought down a cross-section of what we do."

The most expensive piece being exhibited is a Colin McCahon valued at more than $875,000.

The pop-up exhibition called Just Another F***ing Art Gallery (JAFA) will be held at The Tannery in Woolston.

The exhibition opens on November 4 and ends on November 21.