Unusual cloud captivates Northlanders

UFO or cloud? (Rene Crouch / supplied)
UFO or cloud? (Rene Crouch / supplied)

Halloween may have already come and gone, but the sky in Northland clearly hasn't got the message.

A "spooky" cloud appeared early on Wednesday morning, captivating local residents.

Rene Crouch was working on the docks at Marsden Point, near Ruakaka, when he snapped several images of the odd item in the sky.

While it may look a bit like a spaceship, he wasn't convinced there was alien activity afoot.

"I've never seen anything like it," he told Newshub. "You never know what it is - you could say it was a UFO!"

But instead he thinks it's less likely to be a UFO, and agrees with MetService that it' just a really unusual, pretty cloud.

While the mystery object does resemble a space ship, it also looks a lot like a lenticular cloud, which forms at high altitudes.

"This is formed by strong winds interacting with orographic features, most likely a hill or mountain in the area which caused it this morning, and the sunrise catching it at a certain angle would have made it look particularly strange," meteorologist Kyle Lee told Newshub.

With their round, flat shapes, combined with the lighting from a sunrise, it can easily be confused with a spaceship entering the atmosphere.

"These are often mistaken for UFO sightings," Mr Lee said.

And with the current US presidential results, hope it really is a spaceship is sure to be growing.