Victim of violent Ranui brawl angry at lack of security

A group of girls fighting at Ranui train station (Facebook)
A group of girls fighting at Ranui train station (Facebook)

A teenage girl who was bashed by four girls at a west Auckland train station has told Newshub she's angry the security guard who was there didn't step in.

The 14-year-old was attacked at Ranui train station on Sunday. In a video posted online the young women can be seen punching and kicking the victim, who fortunately only suffered bruising.

Initially no one tries to stop the fight, not even the security guard.

The girl says she's recovering but has a sore back and bruises. She also says she's angry the security guard didn't step in.

Auckland Transport says the guard phoned police but had no power to intervene.

However Gary Morrison from the New Zealand Security Association says that is not the case.

When asked to spell out the rules or law on whether a security guard can break up a fight he said: "Yes he can exactly as you and I can - we can step in if we believe we are confident and competent to handle that situation."

He believes the guard in question made the right call.

"He has to keep his own safety in perspective first, then the public. What we do know is there are four people conducting an assault and I saw at least three other people so he was definitely outnumbered," Mr Morrison said.

Some Ranui residents Newshub spoke to today say the train station is unsafe.

"Ten to 15 people, they come here in groups - so I think they need a bit more security," one man said.

Another man described an incident he had seen at the train station.

"The worst thing I have seen - there were three or four kids that had been following one old lady who just got off the train. As soon as she got near the steps I saw one of them pulling her skirt down."

Police are now investigating the attack and say charges could be laid.