Wacky Porirua police chase video will have you crying with laughter

  • 24/11/2016
The police chase in action (Marama Elkington)
The police chase in action (Marama Elkington)

A Wellington woman has filmed a police chase in Porirua that has to be seen to be believed.

The chase happened just before 4pm on Wednesday afternoon after the man drove away from a domestic incident, police say.

Marama Elkington posted the videos on Facebook saying it was the "greatest/ randomest moment of my life".

A red car can be seen driving around a roundabout in Titahi Bay while chased by four police cars with the sirens blaring.

Police laid spikes on the road which stopped the car, however the man then gets out of the car and onto a motorbike, managing to evade police again and outride a police dog.

Ms Elkington says she was doing the lawns with her sister when they heard the sirens.

"We ran over to the neighbours' and saw the dude driving, we thought he was gonna get caught driving into a dead end street, but his mate was on the bike and they gapped it."

She says she was glad no one got hurt.

"I felt sorry for the police and the dog, but they got him in the end. Overall it was pretty cool."

Police found the man a short time later and arrested him for driving related offences and warrants.