Wellington apartment trashed in Monday quake

Wellington apartment trashed in Monday quake

A Wellington couple has a huge clean up job ahead of them after Monday's magnitude 7.5 earthquake left their CBD apartment completely trashed.

Robert and Carol Armstrong live on Level 10 of apartment building One Market Lane, close to Courtenay Place and Te Papa Museum.

Large cracks have emerged in the walls, furniture and paintings have fallen, and the glass shower door has come off its hinges.

Almost every surface has been covered as drawers and shelves were emptied across the floor, but the place is safe and a cleanup will begin soon.

The Armstrongs weren't home at the time of the quakes. Carol was away at their beach house and Robert was staying at his daughter's place.

Wellington apartment trashed in Monday quake

The couple's valuable glassware was no match for the earthquake

Mr Armstrong says structural engineers have checked the building and there are no structural problems - the cracks are only superficial damage to the plaster.

They're not looking forward to the clean-up, but have four daughters who will be able to help the couple put things the right way up.

The couple were among the first owner-occupiers when the apartment building opened in January last year, and they're "not intending to leave", hoping that another big quake won't come anytime soon.