'We've been very lucky' - Wellington Mayor

'We've been very lucky' - Wellington Mayor

Wellington Mayor Justin Lester says "we've been very lucky" and the city is "in really good shape" considering the size of Monday morning's earthquakes.

Wellington City Council says that the CBD will be largely open for business on Tuesday, except for limited areas around Featherston Street. Wellingtonians are encouraged to check with their employers to see whether their workplace will be open.

Ferries are expected to resume on Monday evening, and trains are expected to resume on Tuesday.  

A severe weather warning is in place for the region, with high winds of up to 140km/h, rain and thunder forecast for Monday evening.

Wellington City Council is asking all Wellingtonians to check and secure any cracked or broken glass around their homes and secure any loose items, including trampolines.

"Winds of this strength could lift roofs, damage trees and cause hazardous driving conditions," MetService has warned.

The council asked residents to stay away from the Wellington CBD until buildings were assessed as safe to enter, and all train services were cancelled on Monday. 

"We want to make sure that the infrastructure is working, so that's why we're assessing the rail corridor. We don't want to put trains back on tracks, just in case," Mr Lester said at a press conference on Monday.

"We don't want people going into buildings when there's risk of something falling down on them, whether it be a ceiling tile, whether it be plaster, whether it be broken glass. We just want to make sure those buildings are safe to enter."

Mr Lester says Wellington's port is the most-damaged area in the city, due to it being on reclaimed land.