YouTube star's eerie quake prediction

  • 15/11/2016
Frankie MacDonald (YouTube)
Frankie MacDonald (YouTube)

An amateur weatherman with more than 100,000 YouTube followers is claiming he predicted the massive quake which hit the South Island on Monday.

The magnitude 7.5 tremor is believed to have been caused by two simultaneous quakes, one hitting near Culverden in the South Island, and the other near Seddon.

On October 21, Frankie MacDonald of Nova Scotia, Canada, uploaded a video to YouTube called 'Massive Earthquake to Hit New Zealand Anytime Soon'.

In it, he claims it would be "at least 7.2 magnitude" and most likely hit Christchurch.

"Earthquakes are predictable," he claims, "because New Zealand is on a fault line."

He also namechecks Wellington, which suffered multiple aftershocks throughout Monday, as well as Auckland, Hamilton, Gisborne and Wellington.

"People in New Zealand, you need to start doing your earthquake drills," he warns, before listing off a number of civil defence tips such as having a flashlight and standing in doorways.

Six days after predicting the quake, he claimed New Zealand and Australia would have "a lot of onion rings going on".

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MacDonald's other videos include predictions of blizzards, storms and tornados, as well as surreal performances pretending to eat 50 Thanksgiving turkeys or dancing while being chased by aliens.

He also sells his own range of bobbleheads.