Auckland primary school wants 'Batman' for principal

 The Dark Knight Rises (file)
The Dark Knight Rises (file)

An Auckland primary school is looking for its own Dark Knight.

Northcote Primary School's principal stood down in November, and children were asked what they want to see in the new leader.

The answer? A principal like Batman. And the school has taken the request for a caped crusader on board.

"We seek an inclusive and collaborative principal who will provide effective leadership in the development of our school," the advert in the Education Gazette reads.

"Our students want their new principal to be funny, friendly, caring, organised and 'like Batman'."

Applications close February 24. There is no word on whether the job entails fighting supervillains, or whether a Batmobile comes with the job.

However, the children should be careful about what they wish for. They wouldn't want him turning his attention away from solving Gotham's crime and onto their mysteriously "missing" homework.