Chatham Islands resident has WWII flying boat in backyard

Chatham Islands resident has WWII flying boat in backyard

It's the final week of Story and the one thing we have loved discovering this year is the great Kiwi characters.

We've met many along the way, including Jim Muirson on his trip to the Chatham Islands.

He's a typical farmer type, but with a very atypical ambition.

Story headed to Mr Muirson's sheep and beef farm in Kaingaroa to see the remains of a WWII Short Sunderland, also known as a flying boat.

But what's left of it is just one of a few collectables he's found since first arriving on the Chathams in the 1960s, including the Chatham Islands' flag, old currency and a tooth, which Mr Muirson says is from a 12-metre shark.

The flying boat is missing original parts, and on display at the Wingram Air Force Museum. Mr Muirson wants parts of the plane back as he has plans for a museum of his own.

The Air Force museum says it is willing to help him with information about the plane. Until now, it has been unaware of Mr Muirson's request to have parts of the plane returned to him.

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