Cow-riding Invercargill teen a hit on social media

It's not your usual form of transport - but it seems anything goes in Southland.

Video has emerged of 18-year-old Hannah Simpson free-riding her cow Lilac like a horse on her family farm near Invercargill.

Ms Simpson says the six-year-old brown Swiss dairy cow was born on the farm and she has been riding her for years.

The pair now even jump over logs.

"She's always loved jumping. She used to jump out of the cow shed when she was young," said Ms Simpson.

A picture of the pair mid-flight shared on the NZ Farming Facebook page has been shared more than 1000 times.

Lilac is around 1.4m-tall and Ms Simpson says her extremely laidback nature made her easy to ride.

"She was just so placid and gentle, I just jump on bare-back and go for a ride."

"I've been asked so many times if the photos are photoshopped but they're not - she can actually jump over a log."

You can watch the full story on Newshub Live at 6 on Thursday night.