Customers furious after Easter Eggs go on sale in December

Easter Eggs in December provoke customer fury

The Warehouse has been dealing with an egg-splosion of complaints after customers reported seeing Easter eggs for sale in stores on Boxing Day.

The company's Facebook page has received a number of posts from angry shoppers.

"How bloody ridiculous having Easter eggs on sale now, FFS xmas is hardly over yet, there's people out there that have struggled to give their family xmas & now you guys are foisting Easter on them, Shame on the warehouse for doing this" Neil Richards wrote.

However, a spokesperson for The Warehouse said this is nothing new and they have begun stocking Easter eggs at this time "year after year".

Currently there is only a limited range available, the spokesperson said, and it will be extended as Easter approaches.

In response to customer complaints, the spokesperson said that there is always demand for the easter eggs at this time of year.

But even the tiniest glint of shiny foil was enough to irritate some customers.

"As if advent calendars out months in advance wasn't annoying enough as a parent now you have Easter stuff out on shelves - it was only Christmas yesterday! Give us a break between holidays" Jess Dougherty wrote.

"Please put the Easter eggs away. Parents are still recovering from buying for Christmas and don't need the extra pressure from children wanting Easter eggs already. How about being a responsible retailer and take them off the shelf thanks" wrote Barbara Garnham.

Pak'nSave says it doesn't have any eggs on its shelves yet. A spokesperson said they are "currently focused on our customers summer holiday needs, rather than Easter which is some time away".

However, according to one Twitter user, they've found a sneaky way to get around that - festive-themed hot cross buns were photographed at one of its Auckland stores before Christmas.

As for Countdown, it says it's planning to bring out hot cross buns in January alongisde a small egg range, and most products will come out in the month leading up to Easter.