Domino's pizza guy loses job over creepy proposal

dominos pizza box food generic (Reuters / file)
Ms Welsh complained to the company via their Facebook page (Reuters / file)

An Auckland Domino's pizza driver has lost his job after propositioning a female customer late at night.

Ashley Welsh, 21, was at her Ellerslie home alone late on November 19 when she ordered a meal with the company for the first time.

Aside from the food being a little bit late, the delivery appeared to be like any other.

"He dropped it off, he was very nice and left it. The car was still in the driveway and he came back a bit later and said since it was my first time ordering with them, I'd get a free dessert," she told Newshub.

"I said 'thanks', and he was still standing on the doorstep."

He then made a sheepish and "quiet" response.

"I was like 'okay, goodnight then' and that was when he started saying 'are you single? Did you want me to stay?' All of that sort of stuff and I repeatedly said 'sorry, I'm fine thanks.'"

The driver eventually left the house, but stayed in his car for around five minutes.

Ms Welsh said it was "really unnerving".

"I felt a little unsafe, the fact I was home alone and he wasn't leaving the doorstep and the car was idle for a long time."

The man didn't come back, and Ms Welsh complained to the company via their Facebook page.

She says her friends suggested she should say other people were home or that she had a boyfriend.

"I just thought 'why does that person need to be asking that kind of thing when they're working anyway?'

"Just because being a young girl in Auckland, you'd sort of expect it when you're working in a bar, but not when you're in your own house."

Domino's says it responded to the woman on the same day and phoned her to make sure they understood what had happened.

They offered her vouchers, which she accepted, and also to help with any police complaint should she decide to make one - this included GPS data for the driver.

The employee also no longer works for the company.

A spokesperson says this was a "rare" occurrence and hadn't happened in the company before. Domino's was satisfied they'd followed all of its procedures correctly following this incident.

Ms Welsh says she's happy with the way the company dealt with her complaint.

She decided not to go to the police because she wasn't sure if that was "too drastic".

"I thought if they had a disciplinary process they'll figure it out. I just thought I may as well report it so it doesn't happen again."