Earthquake: Wellington council orders assessment of buildings

Eighty Wellington buildings are required to undertake detailed engineering assessments after the magnitude 7.8 quake on November 14.

The measure was recommended to the Wellington City Council by experts who had been investigating the Statistics House building, which was seriously damaged in the quake.

City recovery manager Mike Mendonca said: "We are conducting a targeted assessment to form a complete picture of the current state of the city's buildings.

"Some buildings may have incomplete records due to previous works or repairs, and we want to make sure our planning is based on the most up-to-date information."

The required assessments will be more detailed than the visual inspections undertaken of most buildings, and are likely to require lifting of carpet tiles, celling panels, or wall linings to gain access.

Mr Mendonca said that based on the assessment of the Stats NZ building, engineers have given the council a list of criteria for buildings that need further attention.

Most of the properties on the list are reinforced-concrete buildings of up to 15 storeys, built in the past four decades, and many of them are on softer reclaimed land or on ridgelines.

Mr Mendonca said if tenants are worried to see their building on the list they should speak to their building owner, but stressed that the council has "no evidence at this point that there is any need to evacuate any of these buildings".

He said the council does not expect to find any unsafe buildings that they are not already aware of.

The Government recently passed urgent quake legislation that has given councils the emergency powers to order inspections.

Previously it was not an obligation for building owners to undertake assessments, it was a voluntary measure.

Building owners have until February 10 to comply with their inspection notice and the emergency legislation gives the council the option to take action if they do not comply. Mr Mendonca said "we'll cross that bridge when we come to it". 

Full list of buildings that have been given notice (subject to change):

2 Aitken Street Defence House

84 Boulcott Street Grand Annexe

80 Boulcott Street Housing New Zealand

49 Boulcott Street 49 Boulcott Street

53 Boulcott Street City Link House

47 Boulcott Street Boulcott Hall (Victoria University)

59 Boulcott Street Quantum Apartments

33 Bowen Street Ministry of Education - Tower Block

1 Bowen Street Bowen House

10 Brandon Street Deloitte Tower

101 Courtney place Saatchi and Saatchi House

36 Customhouse Quay Craigs Investment Partners House OR Barclays House

10 Customhouse Quay Maritime Towers

95 Customhouse Quay Todd Building

163 Featherston Street IBM Building

110 Featherston Street 110 Featherston

55 Featherston Street Asteron Centre

154 Featherston Street Wellington Chambers

4 Gilmer Terrace Wilson Carpark adjacent to Plimmer Tower

2 Gilmer Terrace Plimmer Tower l

8 Gilmer Terrace HP House

2 Grey Street Intercontinental Hotel

29 Harris Street Civic Centre Library and Basement Carpark

12 Hawkestone Street Inland Revenue

24 Hawkestone Street Kingsgate Hotel

11 Hunter Street Lumley House

2 Hunter Street ASB Regional and Business Centre

23 Kate Sheppard Environment House

160 Lambton Quay Lambton House / Vodafone

342 Lambton Quay AA Centre / AMI Plaza

190 Lambton Quay 

256 Lambton Quay

169 Lambton Quay David Jones Tower

13 Manners Street Nokia House

17 Manners Street Department of Conservation

50 Manners Street Old BNZ Trust Building

107 Manners Street 107 Manners Street / behind Capital Liquor

74 Manners Street Tall building above Cotton On

24 Marion Street Marion Square Carpark

40 Mercer Street Cnr Mercer Street and Willis Street / Royal NZ Plunket Society

42 Molesworth Street Kate Sheppard Apartments

48 Mulgrave Street Revera House

166 Oriental Parade 166 Oriental Parade

370 Oriental Parade The Capital Apartments

61 Taranaki Street Outwide House

79 Taranaki Street Sharp Building

135 Taranaki Street Marickian Apartments

138 The Terrace Colenso House

113 The Terrace PriceWaterhouseCoopers Tower

3 The Terrace The Treasury

89 The Terrace Challenge House

44 The Terrace 

22 The Terrace Qual IT House

101 The Terrace ASB Building

111 The Terrace Equinox House

80 The Terrace 80 The Terrace

141 The Terrace Fujitsu Tower

125 The Terrace 

80 The Terrace ex AXA Centre / NZ Fire Service

204 Thorndon Quay Defence Careers

135 Victoria Street Eagle Technology House

86 Victoria Street Technology One House

65 Victoria Street Wellington Central Library

1 Victoria Street Southpac House

170 Wakefield Street Amora Hotel

101 Wakefield Street Council Administration Building

142 Wakefield Street ex Regional Council Building

142 Wakefield Street Marshall House

234 Wakefield Street Master Builders House

110 Wakefield Street West Plaza Hotel

148 Wakefield Street James Smith Carpark

60 Waterloo Quay BNZ Harbour Quay

26 Willeston Street Colonial House

22 Willeston Street Willeston Tower

5 Willeston Street EMC House

1 Willeston Street Pencarrow House

16 Willis Street Grand Arcade

143 Willis Street Mid City Centre