Fires up and down NZ at dawn of 2017

The Fire Service says New Year's Eve was busier than Guy Fawkes for them.

Crews around the country were kept busy overnight with fires threatening homes and campgrounds, and as the sun came up, there were even more fires to deal with.

Mount Wellington in Auckland was quickly turned into a charred mess, although the blaze was restricted to the mountain itself. No homes were at risk as crews fought for hours to bring it under control.

Meanwhile, in Matai Bay in the Far North, campers and residents were evacuated as a fire swept through the area overnight.

The flames got dangerously close to two homes and a caravan, but there was no serious damage or injuries.

Firefighters were also busy in east Christchurch, with a Sumner home lucky to escape the New Year's Eve fireworks antics unscathed.

Everyone managed to make it out okay thanks to some quick thinking.

Over in north Canterbury, dry conditions and high winds in Kaiapoi meant the battle for crews continued into New Year's Day. With crews expecting the fire to flare up, it's a job which may continue into the night.