Flat pack home: 'Ikea on structural steroids'

Flat pack home: 'Ikea on structural steroids'

It's been called 'Ikea on structural steroids' and it could be your solution to the housing crisis.

The flat pack home is the brainchild of Sydney architect Alex Symes and it’s simple, cheap and quick.

Mr Symes says his invention is fit for the future, as the dream of having a big block with a big house is not attainable, affordable or sustainable anymore.

According to the architect, anyone can put the one bedroom house together in three days. There is one type of screw, one type of bolt for the home's 37 panels and it all fits on a trailer.

You can begin with one module and add modules as your family grows, or if you want to live with friends and create communities - pop up communities.

Could the flat pack home be the new way to get on the property ladder?

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