Government to repair Kaikoura coastal route

The Government has decided to repair the coastal route to Kaikōura and will provide additional funding to speed up the process.

The existing State Highway 1 and rail corridor along the coastal route to the north and south of Kaikōura will be rebuilt Transport Minister Simon Bridges announced on Thursday, after it was significantly damaged during the magnitude 7.8 earthquake on November 14.

"To provide certainty, the Crown will fund the work required. Exact costs are still being determined, but the current estimate is between $1.4 billion and $2 billion", Mr Bridges says.

"Agreeing to restore the coastal route demonstrates our ongoing commitment to getting this region back on its feet as quickly as possible.

"The precise work required to repair the route is still under investigation and it will be a very complex job. However, the Government is confident that limited access via the coastal route can be restored in about 12 months."