Heartbroken mother of Lois Tolley pleas for killers to come forward

The heartbroken mother of a woman brutally killed in her Upper Hutt home has made a tearful plea for information.

It's been more than two weeks since Lois Tolley was found dead, and police are still hunting the four men seen fleeing her property.

Cathrine MacDonald was looking forward to spending time with her daughter this Christmas. She lives in Australia and hadn't seen Ms Tolley in more than a year.

Two and a half weeks ago, the 30-year-old was found dead in her Upper Hutt home. Police say she was shot "execution-style" at point-blank range and viciously stabbed, but they have yet to find the murder weapons.

They're still hunting the four men seen leaving her property after the killing.

"You hold the key to unlocking our torture and we are calling on your conscience to get some closure and help bring these cowards to justice," says Aunty Lorraine Duffin.

Ms Tolley's home - the crime scene - is still boarded up, with loving messages scrawled on the footpath and front door.

Police haven't established a motive yet, but have a team of 10 working on the case throughout the holiday period. They, like the family, are appealing to the men's consciences, and those who know them to give themselves up.

"Here's your chance today to help this family and to help the police and to end this now by coming forward," says Glen Barnes.

Ms Tolley's mother spoke of her warm nature, particularly her care for an elderly neighbour.

"This lady was going through a hard time and Lowee would cook her meals and take them down to her," says Ms MacDonald. "That's how she remembered Lois and it's how we remember her too. She was always cooking for people, always helping people."

The family say they've received information that could help locate the men involved, and have passed it on to police.

"We know that they'll be talking to people," says Mr Barnes. "Their behaviour may have changed at home with their loved ones, or their families, their mothers or their aunties."

It's an appeal from one family to four others to give their boys up.