Jam the kitten causes Wellington traffic snarl up

Wellington police holding the kitten they rescued
Sergeant Bruce Cook and Constable Justin Waayer rescued Jam this morning (Wellington District Police/ Facebook)

A tiny kitten caused a scene on State Highway 2 in Wellington on Friday morning, but there's a happy twist.

The morning rush hour got a bit slower after the kitten ran out onto the motorway near Lower Hutt, creating a huge traffic jam.

A motorist stopped their vehicle to help, but the kitten scrambled under their car to take refuge.

The little fur ball was then picked up by police and taken in their patrol car back to the station.

It seems the kitten then took a shine to Sergeant Bruce Cook and Constable Justin Waayer who rescued it. Sgt Cook has decided to adopt it - even giving it an apt new name, Jam.

Sgt Cook said that the kitten is about 8 weeks old, and it's been taken to a vet and given the all clear.

He said police have been unable to find an owner and suspect that the kitten is a stray, as it was found in an area far from any houses.

This isn't the first cat Sgt Cook's has adopted, and it will go home to join his three kids and two cats the family took in from the SPCA.

He'd like to say "a big thank you to the people who stopped" and says this is a timely reminder for drivers to be aware of distractions on the road, particularly around Christmas time, and to ensure they're wearing their seatbelts.