Joseph Parker's message of support to aunt Judith Collins

(Joseph Parker / Twitter)
(Joseph Parker / Twitter)

There are two big fights looming in New Zealand - one on Tuesday when National MPs fight for leadership of the party, and the other when Joseph Parker faces Andy Ruiz this weekend.

Speaking to Paul Henry on Tuesday morning, Parker - a champion boxer and relative of National MP Judith Collins - said the Beehive is not a ring he'd want to step into.

"Maybe I'd need to go back and study if I want to be a politician, that's not my area.

Under Henry's direction, Parker wrote the MP a text message of support: "Hi Aunty, Joseph here, I know all about fights. Your fight begins at 10 o'clock this morning. Love, Joe."

He told Henry he's not sure if the Police Minister known as 'Crusher' Collins will be the next Prime Minister, "but maybe she has a chance," he says.

He says Ms Collins has not suggested he give politics a try. "She knows my weaknesses and my strengths."

Joseph Parker is the cousin of Ms Collins' husband, David Wong Tung.