KFC to bring back delivery service across NZ

  • 21/12/2016
KFC to bring back New Zealand delivery services
The fast-food chain stopped delivery services across New Zealand ten years ago.

Fried chicken lovers may soon be able to get KFC delivered to their doors.

KFC's delivery service will be trialled in Hamilton starting February 2017. If all goes well it'll roll out to potentially half of all KFC stores across the country, Restaurant Brands chief executive Russell Creedy said.

It previously offered delivery services, but that stopped in 2007 due to operational difficulties.

Restaurant Brands said "new technologies" around ordering and payments would make the service more effective this time around.

KFC's Facebook page promised to keep customers updated with any new delivery announcements. In the meantime, it warned customers to practise patience and stay away from fake delivery-service websites.

"Recently pages claiming to represent KFC NZ have been popping up on Facebook advertising KFC delivery in New Zealand. These pages are not affiliated with KFC NZ and the websites they link to are scams intended to gain credit card information."