Meet John Key: Jazz musician

John Key at home on the piano (Newshub.)
John Key at home on the piano (Newshub.)

It's been a big week for John Key - both the exiting Prime Minister and the man with the same name.

Jazz musician John Key has shared a name with New Zealand's Prime Minister since the political figure was born.

The 64-year-old has sat in Mr Key's shadow for the last eight years.

"It's a source of amusement when you introduce yourself to people, you have to say you're John Key the piano player, every time," Mr Key said.

He's not shy about the fact he was relieved to hear the current Prime Minister is calling it quits.

"I was happy, it was like a weight off me. I got my name back."

When it comes to politics, piano-playing John Key has little in common with the businessman and politician.  

"I suppose I'm like most people in the artistic community, we're a little bit on the left-wing side," Mr Key said.

Something both Keys have in common is they're looking towards big changes in their lives; the jazz musician says he's looking forward to his pension, which "will be the first regular wage I've ever had in my life".