Nicky Hager's daughter reaches settlement with police after raid

  • 15/12/2016
Nicky Hager dirty politics
Nicky Hager (Newshub.)

Police have reached a settlement with the daughter of investigative journalist Nicky Hager after police raided their home in 2014.

In December 2015, the High Court ruled the warrant used for the raid was "fundamentally unlawful". Mr Hager's daughter was the only one home when police raided the house. They took her laptop and kept it for more than four months while she was meant to be submitting her final university papers.

Police have agreed to pay her damages and to destroy all copies of information taken from her.

Court proceedings over police action taken against Mr Hager following the release of his book, Dirty Politics continues.

The 10-hour search of Mr Hager's home was part of the police investigation into the hacking of Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater's emails.

The emails were given to Mr Hager by anonymous hacker Rawshark and formed the basis of Dirty Politics.