No charges for police officer who pushed teen off bike

A south Auckland police officer who was filmed pushing a teenage boy off his bike will face no criminal charges.

A criminal investigation was launched after a clip was posted to Facebook showing the unidentified officer pushing 13-year-old Matthew Lamar off his bicycle, throwing him to the ground and holding him against a fence before handcuffing the teen.

Instead of punishment, police say the officer will meet with the victim and his family in order to offer an apology. The officer's job status is also under scrutiny, with police saying they are launching an "employment investigation" with the officer involved.

Police upper north professional conduct manager Inspector Tracy Phillips says the decision is "in-line with what the victim's family wanted."

Police say they were called to Māngere Bridge after receiving complaints of excessive noise and allegations of fighting and cyclists weaving between traffic in a matter that raised concern for their safety. Police say the incident occurred when the youths were asked to turn off their music and leave the area.

In August, a friend of the victim told Newshub the teenager was asked to get off his bike by the officer, but was pushed off before he had the chance to obey the order. He admitted the group has been taking part in a noisy music battle, but said there was no fighting.

In a statement released this afternoon, police say the victim's family asked them to pass on the message that they are "happy with the process that has taken place and the decision not to charge the officer".